Corkscrew at The VUE

Wine & Beer Come To The VUE

Residents of The VUE Charlotte no longer have to be content with a cup of coffee and a pastry as big as your head. The Corkscrew on 5th is now pouring wine and beer, as well as java.

“We had a private soft opening event in November for the residents,” said Operations Manager Joseph Klosek. “We’re doing many things for the residents, since they are our closest neighbors. We bought logo-ed travel coffee mugs for everyone in the building. Bring them in for a fill up and get a discount. We’re talking with the building management to work out the details of concierge service. We want to be able to deliver wine and beer to residents’ units.”

For 13 years, Birkdale Village has been home to the original Corkscrew – the preeminent wine bar in the Lake Norman area. Birkdale has been a great feeder location for the original Corkscrew. Klosek hopes that The VUE will turn out to be a vertical Birkdale of sorts, sending lots of neighbors his way.

“But we’re not just a captive bar for The VUE residents. We want to see people come from all over,” said Klosek. “Most people don’t just go to their corner bar and never go anywhere else. Entertainment dollars are stretched thin these days. But we want to get in the rotation whether it be before dinner, after work, for a big date or for your final final and then you head off the bed.”

Klosek said the Lake Norman Corkscrew brand has always stood for something. He wants that to continue in the new venue. It’s not a snooty, pretentious wine bar where the staff tells the patrons what to like, he said.

“We want you to have a good time and whatever you like, is fine with us,” he said. “We believe wine is subjective. If you like it, it is good. Want a Moscato? Great. Want a big, bold red? We’re OK with that, too. Wine is actually secondary to us. We are selling atmosphere. At the original location women tell me all the time that they feel comfortable coming in by themselves for a drink. We want that to be the case here, too.”

The Corkscrew on 5th features wines at a wide variety of prices so they can appeal to as many patrons as possible. They have $7, $9 and $11 glasses, as well as a higher-end $18 pour. Klosek is planning to do some special wine flights, too. A huge wine vault keeps wines at proper temperatures.

You’re also able to get a glass of port from the 1960s, 70s, 80s and through the calendar to 2011. Twelve taps dispense domestic, international and craft beers. Crafts are North Carolina-centric.

Continuing the tradition from the original location, The Corkscrew on 5th also features live music.

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